rogier rouwet
photography: rogier rouwet



This study of a house of the future was done in collaboration with Fabian van der Leer as part of our study in Delft. The staircase is the backbone for life in this small tower of stone and passes or is part of the rooms with their specific functions. There's a strong variation between light and dark and in dimensions of spaces following the route through the house. In winter only the places to dwell in are heated while in summer the mass of the stone ensures a pleasant and stable temperature.


Within the house the inhabitant is made aware of comfort through variations, the inhabitant experiences the seasons and the climatic differences. Daylight is the source of lighting within the house and the inhabitant is connected to both her- or himself and to her or his surroundings. Point of departure for these statements was identifying striving for more as a continuous process aiming to increase our happiness. Furthermore we took the position that this was likely to have a negative influence on our way of dealing with material, energy and people.

Idea and design by Fabian van der Leer and Rogier Rouwet.