rogier rouwet
photography: rogier rouwet



Life in this small house within and around a patio and a table. Three parts of the table in three rooms; a writing desk facing the street, a central dining table and a window-sill to sit on that makes it possible to use the moveable tabletop to provide a small table in the patio through an open window. A table central to the dwelling.

The dining table and the small moveable tabletop in the patio have been realised. The tabletops are made of an ancient oak beam and the supports of a small birch tree, cut down using an axe to be able to build a forest-a-roof. I've taken it to the sawmill and left it to air dry for years. Old oak and young birch;

Small pieces of purpleheart are integrated into the birch legs. A brushed stainless steel cross is made part of the support for the stability of the table.

Design and realisation by Rogier Rouwet.

Brushed stainless steel by Joost Bosman of Smederij Bosman.